Important Guidelines for Chardham Yatra

Guideline for Chardham Yatra by Helicopter

  • Aadhar card copy is mandatory for all passengers.
  • Trek n Tales heli servises shall not be liable for any medical emergency on the ground to the party. Therefore, in your own interest, guests are hereby advised to kindly consult a doctor and get a medical check-up done, before commencing the yatra. Medical check-up is mainly required if a guest has any medical suffering/condition.
  • Correct weights at the time of booking. Any discrepancy in weight at the time of boarding will lead to cancellation for the heli-tour (WITHOUT ANY REFUND).Please make sure you submit the actual weight during initial documentation. Aviation rules are strict in terms of weight and carriage.
  • Above 80 Kg weight of any passenger will attract additional charges as per helicopter aviation rules.
  • INR 1000 will be charged per KG if the total weight is above 80 kg.
  • Guests are required to pay the 100% excess charges before the commencement of tour. Passengers would not be allowed to board or commence the tour, without paying the full and final payable amount.
  • Only 5Kg luggage per passenger will be permitted as a hand baggage. Excess baggage is not allowed as per aviation rule.
  • Kids above 2 years will be considered as a full ticket. Identification through Aadhaar Card.
  • CARRIAGE BY AIR ACT, 1972 : The carriage is subject to Heli Operator,regulations relating to the conditions of Non-International Carriage (Passenger and Baggage) framed in accordance with The Carriage by Air Act, 1972 and Notification regarding application of the carriage which is non-international. The liability of the company for damage sustained in the event of the death or wounding of a passenger or any other bodily injury suffered by passenger or by his registered baggage during the course of carriage by air will be governed by the provisions of sections 4,5,6 and the rules contained in the second Schedule of Carriage by Air Act 1972 with certain exceptions, adaptations, modifications, etc as notified in the Govt. of India, Ministry of Civil Aviation Notification and as amended from time to time
  • Trek N Tales and aviation team keeps the right to shuffle passengers between helicopters to manage the right weight of helicopters for safe flying in the mountains. The possibilities are maximum of mixing groups as per aviation rules. Be prepared for this last minute change as per aviation rules.
  • Any additional Puja/ rituals needs a prior confirmation at the time of booking. Payment would be collected by our coordinator  at Dehradun, so that we arrange the puja for the guest prior to their arrival at Badrinath.
  • Trek N Tales team has its own assistance at all four Dham, coordinating with our team members while doing booking for any guidance.
  • Photography is strictly prohibited while flying as per aviation rule and if found guilty will attract penalties as per aviation rule.
  • Trek N Tales provides private taxi / SUV vehicles at all Helipad to hotel transfers.Transportation in private vehicles will be arranged for site-seeing like Triyugi Narayan, Kalimath and Mana village.
  • Prefer to have BSNL and airtel sim on the phone. These networks   are accessible at Kharsali, Harsil, Kedarnath and Badrinath. During  overcast conditions and on the way there will be no access to the internet and less mobile connectivity.
  • All Temples are located at a high altitude of Himalayan range with probability of snowfall and sudden rainfall .Carry rain coat, woolen cloths, jackets and prescribed medicine during travel.
  • Flying in mountains is subject to weather conditions. The decision of flying is reserved as per aviation rule and may lead to cancellations and other inconveniences due to weather. One should be mentally prepared for this last moment change. We expect all pilgrim tourists to keep patience till the next announcement for the continuity of flight.
  • We strongly recommend and advise to keep a day extra for while choosing helicopter tours for chardham yatra. Incase by any sudden reason if there is any extension in the tour, one should have the extra days in hand so that one can accomplish this chardham yatra
  • Trek N Tales heli services, handpicked few of the best hotels and resorts in the Chardham sector. Even the best hotels and resorts are mostly non five star categories due to geographical challenges and construction challenges.
  • Note: All Fights are subjected to total weights & balance of helicopter.

DISPUTES “Disputes as to legality, interpretation, application or performance of service or any of its terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of Dehradun Jurisdiction.

Bad Weather Situation

  • If you are stuck in a bad weather situation, rescheduling of booking to a next date will be done subject to availability and on payment of 10% extra cost. This will be permitted only if applied 10 days before the journey date. In case the rescheduling is requested within less than 10 days of the journey, then booking will be treated as cancelled and a fresh booking will be done subject to availability. 
  • Any particular day out of the 5 days we will still try to finish the darshan on the next day. In case we are completely unable to visit any dham due to bad weather, we will refund proportionate money. This means that if due to any reason we are unable to do 2 dhams then we will refund 50% payment. If unable to do 3 Dhams then we will refund 75% and so on.
  • Trek N Tales Heli Services reserves the right to change the itinerary  on flowing conditions.
  • Subject to delayed clearances from Air Force & Civil Aviation.
  • On sudden occurrence of technical issues in helicopters, VVIP movements, and illness of flying crew, late reporting of the guests at the helipads.
  • Weather conditions or any unforeseen circumstances which are beyond our control.

Bad Weather/Force Majeure Situations Policy

  • In case passengers are not able to reach Dehradun due to any international/national/state emergency, 100% refund of the total tour cost shall be done by Trek N Tales Heli Services without any levy of charge.
  • Where bad weather, technical snags or any force majeure reason beyond Trek N Tales Heli Services’ control results in the cancellation of your flight being delayed or cancelled, Himalayan Heli Services will not be liable in any way for the cancelled or delayed flight. However, refund will be given to clients as per our refunds policy. Any kind of inconvenience caused because of cancellation of flights is beyond the control of the operator. No compensation or reimbursement for accommodation, transportation, meals or any other travel expenses done by the guests shall be offered in the event of cancellation of a flight
  • After commencement of tour, if the aircraft has to return mid-way due to weather/force majeure conditions, guests will be charged for the flying time of the sector getting cancelled @ INR 10,5000/hr plus 18% GST, over & above the additional services rendered to the guest.
  • New Chardham passenger(s) scheduled for departure from Dehradun on any respective travel date shall be our top priority, over the back-log passenger(s) of previous days(s).
  • Our obligation toward this tour is up to the 1N/2D period of your Chardham yatra. Under no circumstance, Trek N Tales shall increase the 1N2D period for the guests, since we have advance bookings every day, hence carry forward of passengers will not be possible. In the mentioned period, Trek N Tales shall try to cover maximum Dhams for the guests that is possible, subject to weather conditions and other operational barriers.
  • Additional night halt charges shall be payable by the guests to the hotel on direct payment basis, who continue to stay in the hotel accommodation arranged by Trek N Tales in Dehradun/ Rishikesh or Kharsali/ Harsil during the bad weather day halts.
  • Rishikesh/ Dehradun night stay is only a complimentary stay provided by us. The actual flying commences from day 02 of the tour.
  • In case for 03 straight days there is no flying due to any force majeure reason, guests will be given full refund toward the heli-tour booking, minus the flight preparation charges (as per the cancellation/refunds policy).
  • We shall try to cover the maximum Dhams possible for the guests in the 1N2D tour period, in case any force majeure disturbance occurs. And, for the unutilized Chardham sectors, guests would be given refund by Trek N Tales as per our refunds policy.
  • Trek N Tales shall not operate at Harsil after 1200 hrs, under any circumstance, due to turbulent wind conditions. In case force majeure disturbance pertains for most part of the day, we shall plan the flights in the best possible way, subject to the remaining time-at-hand during the day, the operational restrictions and the weather forecast/conditions on the respective date. Planning of flights is as per the sole discretion of Trek N Tales.
  • No additional ferry flights shall be borne by Trek N Tales under any circumstance. If any passenger(s) require ferry flights to be operated for them in emergency on personal request, cost for the same shall be charged to the party @ INR 10,5000/hr plus 18% GST.
  • At any point , any guest(s)/group, wants to cancel their ongoing tour before their scheduled return date, Trek N Tale will arrange the transportation for their return journey by road,however, cost for the same shall be borne by the guests on direct payment basis. No refunds are applicable in case guests wish to cancel & return mid-tour.
  • Any increase in government levied taxes/royalties after the confirmation of booking, would be extra chargeable to the guests. Payment of any increase in government levy will be mandatory before the commencement of tour.
  • Bookings will be taken, considering there is acceptance of the above-mentioned terms & conditions by the party.

Trek N Tales Heli Servicesreserves the right to change the itinerary subject to delayed clearances from Air Force & Civil Aviation, on sudden occurrence of technical issue in helicopter, VVIP movements, and illness of flying crew, late reporting of the guests at the helipads, weather conditions or any unforeseen circumstances which is beyond our control.

Cancellation or Deboarding while Rudely behavior towards staff, abusive, intoxicated or mentally challenged and anyone else whom we deem to be unfair to fly. No Refund shall be done to such passengers

No Refund shall be done to such passengers.

  • Cancellation or Deboarding while Rudely behavior towards staff.
  • Abusive, intoxicated or mentally challenged or anyone else whom we deem to be unfair to fly.

Mandatory Details Required by Passengers

  • Name
  • Nationality
  • Age
  • Weight
  • Aadhar card